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    Selamliques-Mixed Flavoured Turkish coffee (63 single serving sachets-boxed)

    Price:  $48.98

    Product : STC66063 63 single-serving sachets of 7gr. each. Traditional, Cinnamon and Mastic Turkish coffee with three different sugar dosages (no sugar, less sweet, sweet). 100% Arabica beans. The gift set comes in a high quality box. Ideal for coffee drinkers who want their coffee to remain always fresh as each sachet is sealed. Also, for restaurants who do not have to open an entire can for a customer and let the remaining contents of coffee go stale, over time. Selamlique's Turkish coffee comes in six different natural aromas: Traditional, Dark Roast, Mastic, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Cardamon. In developing it's range of coffees, Selamlique was the first to offer Turkish coffee in single-serving sachets with ready prepared individual measures of coffee, so that all that is needed is to add water and sugar before boiling. Selamlique also offersTurkish coffee accessories ranging from beakers to branded coffee cups. Selamlique Turkish coffee is produced with100% natural ingredients in its own modern facility located in the city Izmir that operates with ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems. Look at our instructions on how to prepare Turkish coffee and remember, what Dr. OZ said about Turkish coffee being much healthier, than local coffees.