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    How to make Turkish Coffee in 4 easy steps. Step 1

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    Step 1. Turkish coffee is not just a morning or afternoon drink. It is a tradition that comes alive by immersing oneself in the mysteries of the orient and stories Like One Thousand and One Nights. You get lost in it's aroma especially, if you try the aromatic blends like Selamlique's Cinnamon, Cardamon, Chocolate, Mastic, Dark Roast or even the Tradiotional tastes. To start you will need a metal beaker (traditionally from copper but stainless steel will do). A single serving sachet of Selamlique or Cezbeli coffee, Sugar or sweetener and water. If you don't have individual sachets of the coffee measure a tea spoon and a half for each cup of coffee (Turkish coffee cups or Espresso size). Add sugar, usually half to one teaspoonfull, according to your liking.