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    Cezbeli Turkish coffee 500gr.(17.65oz)

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    Cezbeli Turkish coffee 500gr.(17.65oz) Cezbeli Turkish Coffee can 500gr.(17.65oz). Cezbeli was established in ─░stanbul in 2009, by the Haremlik Food Co., Ltd. Coffee production is in ─░zmir's organized industrial zone, located in our own ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 22000 food security systems facilities. The area is ideal for Turkish coffee's Arabica trees' variety. In Cezbeli Coffee, we add no artificial flavors or preservatives or foam-enhancing additives. This aspect allows you to enjoy the taste of true Turkish coffee. Our Mission Is our values. Our Values are the most important part of our business' creativity and imagination. Cezbeli is recognized by it's freshness and it's unique packaging always preserves the freshness and aroma, like newly grounded beans. The most important feature you need for a good Turkish coffee, are the coffee beans and Cezbeli coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans.