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    (18)USAS Turkish Delights Plain 350gr

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    05-02-000552 USAS Turkish Delights Plain 350gr A heritage of taste from the Ottoman Empire Turkish delight has been known in Anatolia since the 15th century but it especially became widespread in the 17th century in the Ottoman Empire. It started to be known in Europe with the name “Turkish Delight” in the 19th century through a British traveler. Turkish delight was made with a combination of honey or molasses and flour in earlier times, and it achieved the current taste and flavor when the refined sugar known as “loaf sugar” and especially starch were discovered and brought to the country. Making production in Istanbul, our company produces all products with natural nuts, natural fruits and natural food dye. The products do not contain any additives such as chemical thickeners, preservatives, flavoring aromas, glucose, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, food dye, colorants etc. For instance, we sweeten Turkish delight containing rose with rose leaves and color it using natural red color obtained from beetroot. We acquire yellow, orange, green and other colors naturally from carrot, stinger, clover etc. As a result, our products are much healthier and tastier compared to companies making production in other styles.